Frequently Asked Questions

For Contributors:

Q. Do I have to sign up to contribute to a campaign?

A. Yes. Campaigns can offer rewards to be physically or digitally sent to you so your email address or physical address may be needed.

Q. Why is my total payment more than what I contributed?

A. Unlike other crowdfunding sites, CRXWD doesn't take a portion of each contribution away from the campaigner. Your full original donation will go directly to them. Small fees from the credit card processing company and CRXWD are added to your payment.

Q. The campaign I funded did not reach its goal. Am I still charged? Do I still get the reward I paid for?

A. Yes. All campaigns are "Keep It All". If they do not reach the fundraising goal they will still receive all donations. If you paid for a reward the Campaigner is obligated to fulfill it.

Q. I haven't received a reward I paid for. Are there any refunds?

A. CRXWD does not typically offer refunds. It is the sole responsibility of the Campaigner to fulfill any rewards they have promised. If the campaign has not ended yet and you want a refund, you can email and we can discuss your issue.

For Campaigners

Q. How do I make a campaign?

A. Campaigners are individually approved by CRXWD. This is to eliminate fraud and other illegal activities such as impersonation, underage campaigners, and copyright infringement. Contact if you want to start your own campaign!

Q. How much does it cost to run a campaign? Are there any fees?

A. Nothing! No! It is free to sign up and Contributors pay a small fee when donating to ensure that you will recieve 100% of the contributions made to you.

Q. What happens if I don't reach my goal amount? Do I keep what I've raised?

A. Yes! All campaigns are "Keep It All". If you didn't reach your goal you will still receive all contributions and therefore must fulfill any rewards.

Q. When will I recieve my funds after my campaign ends?

A. You funds will be sent to you by Paypal 3-7 days after your campaign ends.